The League of Women Voters of New Castle

The League of Women Voters of New Castle

A community-based grassroots nonpartisan political organization, the League of Women Voters of New Castle …

  • Is a voice for all, working to connect people directly with government.
  • Does not support or oppose any candidates for office or political parties.
  • Educates.
  • Advocates for change.
  • Has been serving New Castle for nearly 70 years!

The New Castle League’s most visible activities are the Voters Guides for the fall election, distributed to all residents in New Castle free of charge, and Candidates’ Nights. Candidate information is made available online at The League holds several forums every year on topics of national and local interest, including its biannual “Conversation with the New Castle Town Supervisor.” Past forums have focused on health care, climate change and campaign finance reform. The League is open to both men and women. Even high school students have a place in the League. Every year the New Castle League sends a student to the State League’s four-day Students Inside Albany conference to learn about State government. Finally, the League works to influence governmental policy after study and consensus among its members, taking a position on an issue and advocating for change. The League welcomes new members.

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