Mountainside Chappaqua

Mountainside Chappaqua

Because addiction takes a severe toll on overall well-being, Mountainside Chappaqua provides recovery education and resources designed to help individuals heal in mind, body, and spirit. Outpatient services include individual and group counseling, psychiatric services, medication-assisted treatment, and health and wellness education. Wellness Workshops will feature holistic practices–such as yoga, meditation, and personal empowerment–to complement clinical therapies.

Understanding that addiction can also strain interpersonal relationships, Mountainside provides critical support to those who have been impacted by another person’s substance misuse. Family counseling sessions and free Family Support Groups offer loved ones the guidance and coping strategies they need to embark on their parallel journey to recovery. Teens who are struggling with alcoholism or drug abuse can also receive the counseling and guidance they need. Mountainside Chappaqua is one of four outpatient centers in Mountainside’s behavioral health network. Featuring flexible day and evening hours, the outpatient center helps clients maintain daily commitments without sacrificing their health. Mountainside Chappaqua’s dedicated team of clinicians, wellness experts, and medical professionals are committed to meeting people where they are in their recovery and guiding them toward meaningful change. Through evidence-based treatment and care, clients acquire the skills they need to overcome everyday challenges to sobriety.

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