Chappaqua Summer Scholarship Program

Chappaqua Summer Scholarship Program

The Chappaqua Summer Scholarship Program (CSSP) was founded in 1968 when two longtime Chappaqua friends despaired over the educational crisis in New York City.

Now entering its 51st year, CSSP offers a bridge between the Chappaqua community and students from under-resourced high schools in the Bronx. It is an academic enrichment home stay program during the month of July when 24 rising sophomores, juniors and seniors stay with two different host families and take courses in STEAM, Shakespeare studies, creative writing and film making. Afternoons are spent taking tennis and swim lessons and engaging in community service and other workshops and activities.

CSSP notes that students have attended many wonderful colleges and universities, and have gone on to join the workforce in a multitude of professions. Recently, they hosted their first annual college transition day for CSSP students entering college in the fall; an active Alumni Association has been formalizing a mentoring program between CSSP alumni and students in college.

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