Chappaqua PTA

Chappaqua PTA

Six Schools. One District. Every Child. One Voice.

Chappaqua PTA advocates for every student and provides a wide range of programs and events to all children.

Each year the Chappaqua PTA, with the help of parents and families, coordinates and funds many popular programs including R21P&K, Cultural Enrichment, Young Writer’s Workshop, Learning to Look, the Special Education Committee, Parent Education Programs with sought after speakers and relevant topics for parents, STEMfest, Science Olympiad and Hour of Code events. Each year, PTA members take charge of a myriad of diverse enrichment programs for students at each of New Castle’s six schools.

From the spring before kindergarten to graduation day and beyond, the Chappaqua PTA provides programs and events designed for every stage of a student’s development. With grade level playground get togethers and socials, the PTA provides opportunities for kids to socialize and build peer relationships.

Cultural enrichment programs during the school day support the curriculum and help students develop strong classroom citizenship and help them resist and stop school bullying. Spooktacular, Fall Festival, Used Toy and Book Fair and the Craft Fair provide family events that connect kids with the wider town community. In ASE and ASP programs kids can develop athletic skills, try out arts and crafts, explore nature, jump into coding or Lego tech or even dabble in stocks.

With theater programs in elementary and middle school and talent shows at the middle schools, students gain a chance to be brave and explore the arts. The Chappaqua PTA even helps children look beyond their school years and into their future with 8th grade Career Day, Greeley Alumni night, Speed Interviewing at Greeley and PHG101–a look at life after Greeley.

The Chappaqua PTA also provides relevant, upto-date information to parents, curated by both school and grade. The Chappaqua PTA website at is a vital communication platform with timely information in an easy access and easy to use format for every family; parents can find information here from each school as well as the Chappaqua PTA and its subcommittees.

This is just a small sampling of all the Chappaqua PTA and its school PTAs provide to students. The Chappaqua Central School District administration, teachers and parent volunteers help make all the programming possible. To get involved, please contact

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